AGH 103

Verse 1

My heart and voice I raise,
To spread Messiah's praise;
Messiah's praise let all repeat:
The universal Lord,
By whose almighty word
Creation rose in form complete

Verse 2

A servant's form he wore,
And in his body bore
Our dreadful curse on Calvary:
He like a victim stood,
And poured his sacred blood,
To set the guilty captives free.

Verse 3

But soon the Victor rose
Triumphant o'er his foes,
And led the vanquished host in chains:
He threw their empire down,
His foes compelled to own
O'er all the great Messiah reigns.

Verse 4

With mercy's mildest grace,
He governs all our race
In wisdom, righteousness, and love:
Who to Messiah fly
Shall find redemption nigh,
And all his great salvation prove.

Verse 5

Hail, Saviour, Prince of Peace!
Thy kingdom shall increase,
Till all the world thy glory see,
And righteousness abound
As the great deep profound,
And fill the earth with purity