AGH 105

Verse 1

My soul shall bless the Lord today
And all my being praise his name!
His kindness leads me all the way;
My heart and mouth his love proclaim.
He has forgiven all my sin
And graciously healed my disease:
He saves my life from danger,
He gives my soul release.
He pours his grace upon me,
He makes me as young and as strong
As any eagle in the sky.
I'll praise him with hymn and song.

Verse 2

The Lord shows us his righteousness
And takes the side of the oppressed;
And even in the wilderness
He proved his power to the distressed
He does not always punish us;
His anger is slow and controlled:
He keeps us with his kindness,
His patience is untold.
His grace is high as heaven
For all those who honour his name,
Our sins he has forgiven
And carried away our shame.

Verse 3

God's love and goodness never end
For those who fear his holy name,
Who always follow his command
And walk before him without blame,
His throne stands firm in highest heaven;
He rules as a king over all:
The strong and mighty angels
Will listen to his call.
The heavenly powers praise him,
His servants bow down to his grace;
I never cease to worship him,
With others in every place.