AGH 141 Verse 1 Shining light of light eternal,
Maker of the sun and heavens,
On this day of jubilation
May we all your works enjoy.
Voice and tongue we employ,
Sing with praise and holy joy.
Chorus To your praise, O Lord, we cry;
Let our songs fill the sky,
Till they reach your throne on high.
Verse 2 Shining light of light eternal
When you came to share our nature
Lord, you were refused a welcome,
Born inside a cattle shed:
From a cruel king you fled,
Had no place to lay your head.
Verse 3 Shining light of light eternal,
Satan tried to change your purpose;
Still you walked the narrow pathway,
All temptations you defied:
On a cruel cross you died,
God for man was crucified.
Verse 4 Shining light of light eternal,
From the grave you rose triumphant;
For our life you paid the ransom,
You removed death's painful sting.
So to you praise we bring,
Ever to your glory sing.