AGH 030

Verse 1

God the Creator, we adore you;
All your cration bows before you,
From east to west, from north to south.
You're clothed with majesty and honour,
You brighten earth'smost distant corner,
You wear the light like kente cloth.
By your great power you made the heavens,
Sun, moon, and stars your glory show,
But you yourself surpass their splendour
Far more than mortal man can know.

Verse 2

Lightning and cloud and rain and thunder,
Fire's fiercest heat and sunset's glow;
Tempest and wind pass on your orders,
You fix the mighty ocean's borders,
You make the streams and rivers flow.
You have created every species-
Fish, reptile,bird and mammal too-
You quench their thirst,give food and pasture;
All living things depend on you.