AGH 033

Verse 1

Hallelujah! Sabbath morning,
Day of gladness, time of rest!
Free of sorrow, free of mourning,
Let us worship and be blessed.
May this day refresh our soul
When we all God's name extol.

Verse 2

May we leave our earthly business,
Concentrate on God alone!
May he take away our blindness,
Till we see him on the throne!
In his presence rest our mind
Till his perfect peace we find.

Verse 3

In the fellowship of others
Let us worship in God's house,
Where his spirit sweetly gathers
Those who openly expose
All their being to the Lord,
And he feeds them with his word.

Verse 4

Bless the preaching of your servant;
Put your word upon his tongue.
By your grace renew your covenant
As we praise you with our song,
As your message now we hear
And we offer you our prayer.

Verse 5

Keep us till the day is over
In your presence and your peace
, May the weary strength recover;
Let our faith and hope increase,
Till in your eternal rest
We may be for ever blessed