AGH 046

Verse 1

Let us sing a song of blessing,
Let us thank the Lord today.
For his love is never-ceasing
And his kindness on our way.
With his mercy and protection
He is with his children still
And with all who do his will
In this life of imperfection.


Everything in this world ends,
But God's love forever stands.

Verse 2

As an eagle spreads its feathers
Covering its little ones,
So the arm of God is ever
Stretched above his trusting sons.
He knew us from the beginning
He will keep us till at last
When this earthly life is past.
We shall praise him, gladly singing:

Verse 3

He sent his dear Son to save us
From the punishment of hell.
Through his blood he dearly gave us
Freedom form the devil's spell,
O how generous is his mercy!
How can any human mind
Through its wisdom ever find
All the depths of his great mercy?

Verse 4

By his spirit he will guide us
By his word he leads us on,
Let the world with scorn deride us.
We belong to his dear Son.
He will fill our heart with courage
And with faith and heavenly light.
He will overcome all fright,
Even death and hell disparage.


Till we end our earthly way;
And for ever with you stay