AGH 077

Verse 1

Ten thousand talents once I owed,
And nothing had to pay;
But Jesus freed me from the load,
And washed my debt away.

Verse 2

Yet since the Lord forgave my sin
And blotted out my score;
Much more indebted I have been
Than e'er I was before.

Verse 3

My guilt is cancelled quite, I know,
And satisfaction made;
But the vast debt of love I owe
Can never be repaid.

Verse 4

The love I owe for sin forgiven,
For power to believe;
For present peace, and promised heaven,
No angel can conceive.

Verse 5

That love of thine, thou sinner's Friend,
Witness thy bleeding heart:
My little all can ne'er extend
To pay a thousandth part.

Verse 6

Nay more, the poor returns I make,
I first from thee obtain;
And 'tis of grace that thou wilt take
Such poor returns again.

Verse 7

'Tis well - it shall my glory be
Yet who will boast their store
In time, and to eternity,
To owe thee more and more.