AGH 092

Verse 1

Earth, rejoice, our Lord Is King!
Sons of men, his praises sing;
Sing ye in triumphant strains,
Jesus the Messiah reigns!

Verse 2

Power is all to Jesus given,
Lord of hell, and earth, and heaven,
Every knee to him shall bow;
Satan, hear, and tremble now!

Verse 3

Angels and archangels join,
All triumphantly combine,
All in Jesu's praise agree,
Carrying on his victory.

Verse 4

Though the sons of night blaspheme,
More there are with us than them,
God with us, we cannot fear;
Fear, ye fiends, for Christ is here!

Verse 5

Lo! to faith's enlightened sight,
All the mountain flames with light;
Hell is nigh, but God is nigher,
Circling us with hosts of fire.

Verse 6

Christ the Saviour is come down, Points us to the victor's crown, Bids us take our seats above, More than conquerors in his love.