The Church Council

The Church Council, as per the Tema Joint Church Constitution is the Executive Body of the Church.

The Council consists of ten (10) members duly elected at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Ten (10) non-elected members, which sum up to a Twenty (20) member governing body of the Church.

The Church Council meets every third Thursday of the month to deliberate and take decisions on the following:

Church Finance and Administration

Christian Education and other Church activities

The duties can be grouped into three categories: spiritual oversight, temporal affairs and special duties. To help members to discharge their duties effectively, in addition to the other functions they perform, Council members also serve as Liaisons for all the various groups and fellowships in the Church.

The present membership of the Church Council is as follows:

Elected Members

1. Bro. John Ocran - Chairman
2. Rev. Canon Abraham Elijah Quarshie - Resident Minister/Vice Chairman
3. Rev. Rose Teteki Abbey - Minister/Member
4. Very Rev. Dr. Maxwell Aryee - Minister/Member
5. Bro. Augustus Amlalo - Administrative Secretary
6. Bro. Alexander Dsane - Immediate Past Chairman
7. Sis. Patience Abena Ampene - Member/Liaison - Evangelism & Discipleship Ministry
8. Bro. Ekow Abeka-Afari -Member/Liaison - Property, Building & Transport Committee
9. Sis. Georgina Odamtten - Member/Liaison - Joint News & Church Partnership
10.Sis. Susana Phyllis Annang - Member/Liaison- Ladies Fellowship
11. Sis Vida Otwe Mantey - Member/Liaison - TIM-VTI
12. Sis. Theresa Boatey - Member/Liaison - Worship/ ICT Committee
13. Sis. Nana Yaa Omane Peprah - Member/Liaison - Music Ministry
14. Bro. Samuel Adjei-Addo - Member/Liaison - Young Adults Fellowship
15. Sis. Diana Coffie - Member/Liaison- Junior Youth & Children's Service
16. Bro. William Amoatey - Member/Liaison - Youth Fellowship
17. Bro. Emmanuel Otu Teye - Member/Liaison - Welfare Ministry
18. Sis. Googie Nuno - Member/Liaison - Social Action Ministry
19. Bro. Ben S. Tetteh - Church Treasurer
20. Bro. Brig Joseph Odei - Member/Liaison - Men's Fellowship