Ladies Fellowship

In 1994, two years after the inception of Tema Joint Church, a few ladies, moved by the Holy Spirit felt the need for a ladies group in the Church. This desire manifested in the formation of the Ladies Fellowship. At its first meeting, a greeting “Fraternity” and the response “One Love” was adopted. However, the appropriateness of the name “Fraternity” was called into question several times during the ten (10) years, especially during the past few months. Eventually, on the 8th of August 2004 after discussions, the members unanimously selected the less controversial name of Ladies Fellowship, and the greeting “Fellowship, response “With Love”. The Church Council was formally informed of this by a letter.
At the beginning a fourteen member interim executive committee was nominated and mandated to run a fellowship of twenty- four members for two years in the first instance. The pioneering efforts of the tireless, committed and purposeful executive members helped the Fellowship to see the light of day. The interim executive committee had another mandatory two year term in office to consolidate their efforts. Even though the fellowship was officially inaugurated on 13th November, 1994, its annual celebrations have since been held on the last Sunday of October. During this ten year period, 1994 – 2004, the number of registered members has increased from a modest twenty-four to seventy-five and the Fellowship has been led by four sets of Executive Committee Officers.
Through the efforts of the current executive committee, the constitution was amended. The new constitution was promulgated in October, 2003.

The objectives of the Fellowship are :

1. To know and understand God through Bible education and study
2. To build a women’s group as an integral part of the Tema Joint Church.
3. To develop a fellowship for women in the church and evangelize others who may seek to know Christ.
4. To encourage women to undertake together Christian stewardship.

Executive Officers 2012-2014

President – Sis. Elisabeth Jones
Vice President – Sis. Gladys Darko
Secretary – Sis. Felicity Ankomah-Sey
Asst. Sec. – Sis. Augustina Manu
Organizing Secretary – Sis. Patience Abena Ampene
Asst. Org. Sec. – Sis. Rosaline Gbeho
Treasurer – Sis. Margaret Tay
Asst. Treasurer – Sis. Alberta Aboagye-Kwarteng
Protocol – Sisters Theodocia Mohenu
Mary Doyi
Faustina Ofori
Christiana Ellis
Bertha Boahemaa
Juliet Appiah-Mensah