Men's Fellowship

The day was Easter Monday, April 7, 1995. On this day as we celebrated the joy of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, eighteen men who were then present were touched by the spirit to move for the formation of Men’s Fellowship in the Church.
A volunteer planning committee of five was formed, which organized a maiden meeting on the 10th May, 1995 at which the following interim officers were appointed.
Bro. P.T. Debrah - Chairman
Bro. Ekow Abeka-Afari S.W.- Secretary
Bro. A.L. Amlalo - Treasurer
Bro. E.A. Anderson - Convener
Bro. (Dr) E.A. Narh - Member
Bro. S.C.A. Botchway- Member
Bro. E.K. Asare - Member

The committee prepared a draft constitution which was laid before male members of the Church on July 10th 1995. After series of meetings, a final document on the Joint Church Men’s Fraternity Constitution was accepted and submitted to the Church Council for approval. On the 21st September 1995, the Constitution of the Men’s Fraternity was approved with its objectives as follows:
1. To assist the Church in claiming the Lordship of Jesus Christ over all nations
2. To bring our resources for the development and growth of the Chruch.
3. To harness our resources for the development and growth of the Church.
4. To assist the Church Council with our individual knowledge and capabilities for policy formulation and implementation.

The Fraternity was finally inaugurated on the 26th November 1995 at which, His Excellency, Mr. K.N. Arkaah, the Vice-President of the Republic of Ghana was the Guest of honour. Membership at the time of inauguration was 47. It now has 92 registered members at the 4th Anniversary. Praise be to God.

During these few years, the Fraternity has performed reasonably well. Its programmes include Breakfast meetings, Symposia, Retreats, Picnics, Workshops and other religious and social activities, notably the donation of an amount of ¢3.7m to the Ghana Heart Foundation and a seed money of ¢1,000,000 to the Ghana Scoliosis and Spinal Disorders Foundation (GSSDF). Praise be to God. The Fraternity continues to grow from strength to strength. Thanks be to God. By His Grace………We Live.


1. Bro. John Mbroh - President
2. Bro. Edmund Ameyibor - 1st Vice President
3. Bro. Ludwig Reimmer - 2nd Vice President
4. Bro. Ekow Abeka-Afari S.W. - Secretary
5. Bro. Arthur Richardson - Assistant Secretary
6. Bro. Brigadier Gen. Joseph Odei - Financial Secretary
7. Bro. Charles Ampadu - Treasurer
8. Bro. Jonathan Amoatey - Organising Secretary/Publicity Officer
9. Bro. Dr. Lawrence T. Ofosu - Music Director


On Sunday, 24th November, 2013, Tema Joint Church conducted a special service to induct the newly elected officers of the Men’s Fellowship into office.

The service was conducted by the officers of the Fellowship with Bro. Ludwig Reimmer as the liturgist. Other conductors included Bro. E. Abakah-Afari, Bro. Edward Ameyibor, and Bro. Seth Tunu.

In a sermon, the Resident Minister of the Church, Rev. Yaw Danso, charged the elected officers to dare to be different, to dare to effect changes, and to dare to emulate the lives of the Men of the Bible. He dwelt on the life of Noah who lived for several years and walked with God such that he was translated into heaven, and did not die, one of two such persons; the other was Elijah. He announced the formal change of the name from Men’s Fraternity to Men’s Fellowship.

In a homily, Rev. Dr Odonkor, the first resident pastor of the church under whose tenure of office the Fellowship was formed, encouraged the men of the Men’s Fellowship to make an impact in the church.

The officers inducted into office for a two-year term were:

Bro. John Mbroh -President
Bro. Edward Ameyibor - 1st Vice President
Bro Ludwig Reimmer - 2nd Vice President
Bro. Ekow Abeka-Afari S.W - Secretary
Bro. Arthur Richardson - Assistant Secretary
Bro. Charles Ampadu - Treasurer
Bro. Brigadier Gen. Joseph Odei - Financial secretary
Bro. Jonathan Amoatey - Organising Secretary/Publicity officer
Bro. Dr. Lawrence T. Ofosu - Music Director

In an acceptance address, Bro. John Mbroh, President of the Fellowship, on behalf of the elected Executive, thanked the Clergy and the entire congregation for the privilege of serving in the Ministry of the Men’s Fellowship as leaders. He thanked the members of the Fellowship for selecting them to lead them for the next two years. He paid tribute to the founding fathers of the Fellowship and to the Presidents before him, namely, Bro Peter Deborah, Bro Nana Poku, Bro. Ernest Asare, and Bro. Michael Offei.

He announced that the Executive would pick up the challenge thrown by Rev Yaw Danso and dare to change things and to be different. The rules of engagement would change, he said, and the Fellowship would, quote, “do new things and do some old things in a new way”. He invited the men in the church who did not belong to the Fellowship to take a decision to join. When they joined, they would be given space and time to serve God in their own special way. He urged members of the Fellowship to effect the slight changes in their lifestyle to put the fellowship at the top of their agenda for the next two years.

The Ladies Fellowship presented an anniversary cake to the Fellowship.

The anniversary lunch was chaired by Mr Torgbor Mensah, an entrepreneur, who donated GH¢1,000.00 to the Fellowship