TJC Timvotec Credit Union

The TJC TIM-VOTEC Credit Union marked its 4th year of existence during the period under review. Membership during the period stood at 139...73 female and 66 male. 56 out of the total number could be descrided as dormant members. 10 members had resigned due to issues of re-location and transfers and 2 members passed on to eternity.
The Management Committee of the Credit Union noted with much concern the sheer apathy of some members in not making any effort to make either savings or payments ofr the compulsory minimum deposit of GH¢20.00 for shares. The Council of the TJC indeed established the Credit Union to assist members in times of financial need, but sadly, Church members were not taking advantages of the facility. The Council appealed to Church members to see the Credit Union as their own and make every effort to register and make savings so as to qualify them to take loans for business, medical, housing projects, etc.
It also appealed to dormant members to regularise their membership, particularly those who had not purchased shares, since the mother Union levied every person in the membership register and nmount of GH¢4.00 annually.