Valedictory sermon delivered by Rev. Yaw Danso


In the book of Ecclesiastes Chapter 3, the preacher says; “There is a time for everything, and a season for everything under the sun”.

In life it is important to remember, and use history to chart the path into the future. I remember that five years ago I arrived at Tema Joint Church. Soon five years is up and I must move on. The five years is full of memorable events. We must remember.

The story is told of a hunter who had a big game and needed a knife to cut it up. A passer-by gave the hunter his knife upon request. After cutting up the game, the hunter returned the knife to the owner, who had patiently waited and looked on whilst the cutting operation went on. The surprised man told the hunter that he thought he would give him a little bit of the meat for his use. But the hunter told him that the knife belonged to him (the passer-by) and the meat belonged to him (the hunter).

The disappointed passer-by told the hunter; 'You will remember me.'

The Passover was instituted by God to enable the Israelites remember that God freed them from trials and slavery in Egypt. It was to be observed in remembrance of the great salvation He gave them. When they did not remember what God had done for them and resorted to worshiping idols, God dispersed them all over the world. During the period when they were scattered over the world, they went through trials similar to what they experienced in Egypt. On their eventual return home, they were denied occupancy of their promised land. All these happened because they did not remember their God.

It is relevant to remember what the church membership appreciated significantly during the last five years. The auditorium expansion project was taken to a new level during the same period whilst the title to the church property was secured. These achievements during the period could not have been achieved without divine guidance. Let us give praise to God for all things.

Let us remember to praise God and thank him for everything.

I thank God for looking after me and my family during the past five years. I thank the congregation for the support despite a few setbacks. There were many individuals who in diverse ways made our stay in Tema a special one. We thank them.

This is a summary of the valedictory sermon delivered by Rev. Yaw Danso.