Valedictory sermon by Rev. Canon Stephen Adjei


The parable of the Wedding Feast
The typical challenges at wedding receptions can compare to what happened to the King at the son's wedding banquet in Mathew 22:1-14. When the cream of society who had been invited refused to attend, he sent his servants to prompt them. In the end when all seemed lost, he sent the servants to the street to invite anyone they saw to the son's banquet. A motley crowd therefore assembled at the banquet, the good people and the bad. However, when the King saw a man in tattered clothes, he had him bound and thrown out, “For many are invited but few are chosen”. The parable is a good example of the Kingdom of Heaven when the people rejected God's call. God's invitation was made to everyone but the Hebrew and Israelites refused God's offer.

However, the feast in Isaiah 25:6-10, illustrates God’s purpose to reunite all nations and races torn apart by sin. Unlike a wedding feast which is open to a select few with invitation cards, the kingdom of Heaven is open to all. We can accept or refuse that invitation. But there is a basic code of conduct to observe to qualify for admission.

There is a caution for us to observe as Christians. Receiving and obeying the call to life and communion with Christ Jesus is one thing. Staying in union with Him is another matter altogether. Our acceptance of the invitation to the Kingdom, to share the love of God through Jesus Christ, means more than showing up in church and looking for breakthroughs, as a lot of our people do. We have a part to play in our salvation, in our well-being, in our breakthroughs. In Philippians 2:12, St Paul tells us to work towards our own salvation with fear and trembling.

All of us have a part to play in our salvation, in our well-being and in our breakthroughs. There is always the danger of what has been called cheap grace, and that is the grace where we seek grace without obedience, or we seek grace without good works, or we are seeking grace without discipleship, or we are seeking the grace of God without repentance, or we are seeking grace without any cost to us. It is not possible. There is no free lunch. That is a basic law of life.

In Jesus, the very life of God is offered to everyone but only those who change their way of living to follow the gospel will experience the transforming power of God. We must wear the garment of our baptism now.

I have had a very fruitful year and a half of service at the Tema Joint Church. I will always be part of this congregation considering that I am just across the street to the west. I thank God for giving me the strength to manage all the tasks he assigned me. Let me thank everyone for the love, care and fellowship at TJC.

This is a summary of the valedictory sermon of Rev. Canon Stephen Adjei, Parish Priest of the St. Stephen Anglican Church, Community 10,, Tema who had completed a year and a half tour of duty representing the Anglican Church as Associate Minister.