Youth Fellowship

In a response to the old adage that the society, which does not take good, care and cherish its youth cannot guarantee a better future. It was in line with this that when the Tema Joint Church was formally inaugurated in August 1992, the formation of a Youth Group was the first to be considered by the Church Council.
The first meeting to form the Youth Fellowship was supervised by the then Resident Minister Rev. G.N. Odonkor on Sunday, 14th November 1993 with Francis Seth Tunu as the interim President of the Fellowship. The greetings for the Fellowship are “Jesus lives”, and the response “Forever”. The logo is a handshake of two persons on top of a bible (signifying that it is only in unity that brethren can study and spread the Gospel).
The aims and objectives of the Fellowship among others are to study and spread the Gospel so as to champion the spiritual growth of the church.
The Fellowship also took charge initially of the tidying up of the church premises (main hall and surroundings) before and after Sunday service. It was also responsible for the collection of hymn books, helping to count the offering. Reading of scriptures and announcements during service was also a responsibilities assigned to the Fellowship.


The first Resident Minister, Rev. G.N. Odonkor supervised the election of Francis Seth Tunu as the first President of the Fellowship on Sunday February 13, 1994. He was given the mandate to form an interim Executive Committee to steer affairs of the Fellowship for a mandatory initial two-year term. The executive office to which members were elected to assist the President were: (i) Vice-President, (ii) Secretary (iii) Financial Secretary (iv) Treasurer (v) Organizing Secretary (vi) Prayer Secretary (vii) Porter (viii) 3 others


Even though the Youth Fellowship was the first group to be formed in the church (November 1993), it could only be inaugurated in July 1997 due to various teething problems. When it finally took place, the theme was “Remember Your Creator In The Days of Your Youth” (Eccl.12:1-12) and the Guest Preacher was Rev. J.O.Y. Mante.


The Fellowship continues to go through some of the initial hiccups it had in coming up with major programmes because of the under mentioned problems:
i. Most members are students from various educational institutions – secondary and tertiary thus programmes are always distorted due to their schools calendars.
ii. Major Fellowship programmes can only be held during long vacations because that is when the Fellowship the majority of members present.
iii. Fellowship meetings and programmes held on days either than Sundays are poorly attended.
iv. Parents are always rushing to go home with their children or wards when even meetings and programmes are held on Sundays, thereby interrupting the Fellowship activities.
v. Parents’ apathy to Youth Fellowship programmes.
vi.Fellowship members are unable to pay dues/levies because most of them were students.
vii.Systematic onward progression and assimilation into the main Church body on the attainment of adulthood by members of the Fellowship was not effectively streamline.


Some of the few major programmes that the Fellowship undertook prior to their inauguration were:

  • Visit to the Akosombo Dam and Kpong Farms;
  • Tree planting at the western end of the church premises where the Church major outdoor programmes are held and also where Church members use as car park now;
  • Clean-up exercises were held at the Tema Urban Health Clinic (now Tema Polyclinic) and presentation of food items to patients;


Special mention must be made here of our first Resident Minister, Rev. G.N. Odonkor, who like a good father took special interest in the affairs of the Fellowship guiding our footsteps from the very beginning until the end of his tenure, as Resident Minister. Mr. and Mrs. Appiah-Korang gave us permission to hold most of our meetings and other functions at their residence, which was almost always followed by refreshments. Also worthy of mention are Mrs. Quansah of Nova Complex and Mrs. Aba Minkah both members of this Church and a few others who want to remain anonymous for their contributions towards the purchase of two sets of table tennis tables and some footballs for our recreation.Prof. and Mrs. K. G. Korsah, Dr. and Mrs. Edward Narh and Mr. Annor Nimako are not left out. Their pieces of advice and encouragement have seen the sustainability of the Fellowship to date. Their financial assistance and presence at virtually all Fellowship programmes at the expense of their tight official duties even when the attendance at such programmes was nothing to write home about, was a source of inspiration to us.Evangelist Charles Narh in collaboration with the “Help Is On The Way Ministries” (US & Ghana) was on hand to give some financial and spiritual help whenever the need arises. An initial cash donation of $200.00 was given to us to open a bank account for the Fellowship.


This write-up will be incomplete without the mention of some of the founding members of the Fellowship whose hard work and perseverance saw the Fellowship through the changing scenes of life. We wish to apologize to any member whose name is inadvertently omitted. Francis Seth Tunu (President), Kofi Ayisi ( Vice President), Senserai Botchway (Secretary), Divina Melomey (Prayer Secretary), Fred Nyarko ( Financial Secretary). Other were P. K. Kwakye, Christiana Appiah-Korang, Lucy Anderson, Kobina Bedford, Kweku Sarkodie, Junior Owusu-Achiaw, Mayne Abou-Jaoude, Zenna Abou-Jaoude, Renne Abou-Jaoude, Fianyo Acolatse, Charles Narh (Evangelist), Daniel Koompon, Kojo Atiemo, Louisa.


Today, the Youth Fellowship has approximately 53 members. The Fellowship continues to train and support members in Christian growth by creating avenues for Bible study, prayer, Christian fellowship and service to God and society. Programs towards these ends include

  1. Youth Bible Study
  2. Youth Prayer Meetings
  3. Youth Retreats
  4. Outreach & Evangelism
  5. Inter-church activities
  6. Youth Camps


  1. William Ansah Amoatey - president
  2. Eunice Lawson - Vice president
  3. Rachel Haizel - General Secretary