Ladies Fellowship

The Tema Joint Church Ladies Fellowship was formed in the year 1994, two years after the establishment of the Church, by a group of dedicated spirit-filled ladies who saw the need for all ladies in the Church to come together to study the Word of God, foster unity and love among themselves and support the work of the Church. It was inaugurated on Sunday, 13th November,1994 as the TJC Ladies Fraternity with its Salutation – ‘Fraternity, One Love’. However, over the years, the name was changed to Ladies Fellowship as was the salutation: “Fellowship! With Love”.


  • To know and understand God through Bible Study;
  • To build a formidable Ladies group as an integral part of the Church;
  • To develop a Fellowship for ladies in the Church to evangelize and win more souls for the Lord;
  • To encourage Ladies to undertake together Christian stewardship.
The Fellowship has had seven presidents since its inception and these are :
  1. Mrs. Cynthia Addison – 1994 – 1998
  2. Mrs. Florence Frema Owusu-Asenso – 1998 – 2002
  3. Mrs. Bernice Ankrah Badu – 2002 – 2006
  4. Mrs. Sheila Minka-Premo – 2006-2008
  5. Mrs. Gloria MOncar-Tay – 2008 -2012
  6. Mrs. Elizabeth Jones – 2012 – 2014
  7. Ms. Susana Phyllis Anang – 2014 to date.

Executive Members

2019 August to June 2021

  1. Sis. Clarissa Aggrey Fynn-Amissah - President
  2. Sis. Francesca Anane - Vice President
  3. Sis. Patience Otoo Ofosu-Appiah - Secretary
  4. Sis. Juliana Ankrah - Vice Secretary
  5. Sis. Rita Ankrah Badu - Treasurer
  6. Sis. Alberta Ahenkora - Assistant Treasurer
  7. Sis. Bertha Boahemaa - Organising Secretary
  8. Sis. Faustina Ofori - Assistant Organising Secretary
  9. Sis. Mary Doyi - Protocol
  10. Sis. Doris Mante - Protocol
  11. Sis. Dora Martey - Protocol
  12. Sis. Esther Ayiku - Protocol


The fellowship now has a numerical strength of 100, but only 50 are active members. It has a 12 member Executive Board. The fellowship is currently represented on the Church Council by the current president. Over the years it has lost a few members including 2 past presidents.


The Fellowship has championed the cause of helping, caring and sharing with love through its numerous activities throughout the past 22 years of existence. These activities include: Monthly Bible Studies and Exhortations, Prayer Retreats, General Meetings, Health Education, Health Walks and Exercises, Donations and Outreach Programmes, Excursions, Hospital and Home Visitation of the sick, Yearly Anniversary Celebration on last Sunday of every October etc.