Men’s Fellowship

Twenty-three years ago on Easter Monday, April 7, 1995, eighteen men were touched by the Spirit to move for the formation of Men’s Fellowship in the Church with a view to offering all men of the Church the platform to socialize and improve on their faith in our Lord, and find the need to get closer together as a body of Christ for fellowship and discipleship.

The fellowship always remembersthe sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ, to ensure among other things, Freedom of Thought and Expression.

As we celebrate the 25th Anniversary, it is worth noting that the initial Fraternity has transformed to a Fellowship and membership is open to all registered adult male members of the Church aged 25 years and above. Membership

Currently, our membership stands at a little over one hundred. Among our present members, almost two-thirds are over sixty years old, so we are earnestly entreating the young male members to join our fold so that they may learn from their elders and take over the running of the Fellowship when the aged are no more.


  1. To assist the Church in claiming the Lordship of Jesus Christ over all nations;
  2. To bring the brotherhood of man into deeper recognition and activity;
  3. To harness its resources of development and growth of the Church;
  4. To assist the Church Council with its individual and collective knowledge and capabilities for policy formulation and implementation.


The activities of the Fellowship are mainly focused on the following:

  1. Regular worship as members of the Church
  2. Bible studies, lectures, symposia, recreation
  3. Concern for the sick, needy and destitute in the society.
  4. Support for the Joint Church Children’s Service and Junior Youth group.
  5. Other relevant programmes.


As enumerated above, the constitution of the Fellowship mandates members to donate to Charity. Such donations are done during the Fellowship’s annual celebrations. This year (2017) the Fellowship would donate medical items to the male ward of the Tema General Hospital.

Executive Members

2019 August to June 2021

  1. Bro. Joshua Peprah - President
  2. Bro. Augustus Amlalo- 1st Vice President
  3. Bro. George Amoako-Adjei - 2nd Vice President
  4. Bro. William Darfour - Secretary
  5. Bro. John Obiti - Assistant Secretary
  6. Bro. Mark Dei - Financial Secretary
  7. Bro. Charles Ampadu - Treasurer
  8. Bro. Fred Nyarko - Music Director
  9. Bro. Reynold Anim - Organiser
  10. Bro. Brig. General Joheph Odei - Co-Opted member