Youth Fellowship

The first meeting to form the Youth Fellowship was supervised by the then Resident Minister, Rev. G.N. Odonkor, on Sunday, 14th November,1993 Bro. Francis Seth Tunu as the interim president of the Fellowship. The salutation for the Fellowship is “Jesus lives”, and the response is “Forever”.

The logo is a handshake of two persons on top of a Bible (signifying that it is only in unity that brethren can study and spread the Gospel).

The aims and objectives of the Fellowship among others are to study and spread the Gospel so as to champion the spiritual growth of the Church.

Today the Youth Fellowship has about 53 members. The Fellowship continues to train and support members in Christian growth by creating avenues for Bible study, prayer, Christian fellowship and service to God and society. Programmes towards these ends include, Youth Bible Study, Youth Prayer Meetings, Youth Retreats, Outreach & Evangelism, Inter-Church activities and Youth Camps.