Welcome to Tema Joint Church Website

Tema Joint Church came into being in 1992 and had its first service on Sunday, 2nd August, 1992. It is an English speaking ecumenical Christian church in the fullest sense of the term and united in Christ as a worshipping, witness and serving community. Its focus is on industrial mission, and provides a place of worship for all persons, from all Christian denominational churches, as well as from all over the world for meeting in fellowship as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Our Vision

The vision of the TJC summarized as follows states a clear challenging picture of the future, Bring men and women into true fellowship with God so that they can live life at its fullest in Christ. (I have come that they might have life, and have it to the full John 10:10).

Our Mission

How do we realize the vision? The mission adopted by the TJC is to create a dynamic redemptive centre where everyone know and share God’s love through the following actions: